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            Madison Square Garden 五福彩票计划软件 Logo

            Madison Square Garden

            San Francisco, California - United States
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            Production Coordinator Immersive


            The Madison Square Garden 五福彩票计划软件’s vision is to revolutionize entertainment through MSG Sphere – state-of-the-art venues that will pioneer the next generation of immersive experiences and create unforgettable moments. MSG Sphere will utilize a number of cutting-edge technologies to become the first venue to deliver large-scale, fully immersive experiences. Inside the venue, these technologies include: the largest and highest resolution LED screen on Earth; an advanced acoustics system featuring beamforming technology; an infrasound haptic system that uses vibrations so guests can “feel” the experience; and connectivity that will deliver 25 megabits per second for every guest. Together these technologies will create a powerful platform, making MSG Sphere the venue of choice for a wide variety of content -- including attractions, concerts, residencies, corporate events, product launches and select sporting events. MSG is building its first MSG Sphere venue in Las Vegas with the goal of completing the project during calendar year 2021. In addition to its iconic spherical shape, MSG Sphere in Las Vegas will feature a fully programmable LED exterior.

            Role Summary

            The Coordinator will provide high-level administrative and production support to multiple senior executives, ensuring efficient operation of their businesses. This highly-organized, detail-driven team member will negotiate the day-to-day challenges which come with managing the work of executives with multiple projects at varying stages of development, all of which are happening simultaneously. Must be unfailingly thorough yet agile and able to shift priorities easily, while understanding the nuances of those priorities. Must be business-minded, with a definitive understanding of what is important and what can wait. This position requires high energy, a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, impeccable judgement, an unwavering attention to detail at all times, and outstanding communication and interpersonal skills.

            MSG Productions and MSG Sphere Studios are swiftly emerging businesses with an eye on cutting edge, shared immersive entertainment experiences. The futures of film, theatre, and live music are being designed for our groundbreaking immersive venues. This Coordinator position offers the opportunity to be in the vanguard of a company which is defining the future of entertainment.

            Specific Functions/Activities Summary

            • Draft briefs and memos for senior management team and MSG-designated consultants
            • Generate decks for internal and external presentations which include cutting edge digital content
            • Provide coordination and logistical support for special events and projects under the direction of senior executives and project managers
            • Expense management:  process travel, entertainment, and business expense reports
            • Perform special project research for senior executives
            • Generate and maintain internal databases
            • Process and track contracts, People Practices paperwork, and payments for vendors and consultants
            • Handle complex scheduling


            • Candidates who have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours of college-level coursework (representing 2 years), or have shown similar self-development through certifications, trade school coursework, etc. are preferred. Educational requirements may differ from job to job based on the role.
            • 2-3 years’ experience in the entertainment industry, with agency or studio experience preferred but not essential.
            • Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines, while managing multiple tasks.
            • Strong administrative, organizational, and time management skills.
            • Demonstrate integrity, tact, diplomacy and a commitment to company values, and principles while ensuring the upmost consistency.
            • Possess exceptional attention to detail and strong follow-up skills necessary
            • Must possess excellent verbal and written communication, organizational, and time management skills
            • Must have the ability to work independently when necessary, and use sound business judgment.
            • Passion for entertainment and for future technologies.
            • Proficient in Mac, Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and Adobe.