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            Deck Nine Games 五福彩票计划软件 Logo

            Deck Nine Games

            Westminster, Colorado - United States
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            Lead Programmer


            Deck Nine Games is looking to hire a Lead Programmer to lead a team as we develop an unannounced AAA single-player adventure game.

            What kind of programmer, you ask? A programmer of passion, talent, and unquenchable curiosity. We want someone who breathes gameplay, loves video games, and has hit a ceiling where they’re currently working – someone with the talent, drive and experience to be a lead, but no opportunities until now. 

            Programming games is often grueling, sometimes thankless, and always challenging. We’re looking for a programmer who is fanatical and driven, but also kind,  thoughtful, and a joy to work with, as we will hopefully be spending a lot of time together. 

            Enough about what we want, here’s what you get: A full time, on-site position with benefits, very competitive pay, and the opportunity to lead an exceptional project with one of the most talented teams in the industry. We are striving to break new ground in the marriage of story and gameplay and you’ll be vital to our efforts. 


            • Lead a team of software engineers in the design and implementation of core features
            • Collaborate with directors and leads to innovate and implement game features 
            • Contribute original ideas toward all aspects of the game’s production and development. 
            • Review the work of other engineers and provide mentorship
            • Build an awesome team that can make meaningful and important single-player games that fans will talk about for years to come


            Required Skills

            • Experience shipping games in a senior or lead role
            • Expert on at least one major current gen platform
            • Fluent in C++
            • Unreal 4 experience
            • Creative, focused, results-oriented, self-motivated, resourceful problem-solver with excellent debugging and strong communications skills
            • A passion for well architected, robust, maintainable, and extensible code with good coding standards
            • Ability to mentor, interview, and evaluate programmers
            • Comfortable working within and enhancing an established code framework
            • Passionate about making games
            • Patient and calm during periods of stress
            • Degree in software engineering, computer science, physics, math or equivalent
            • Must exhibit a positive attitude and be a strong team player 

            Beneficial Skills

            • .NET programming experience
            • Experience working with Maya API 

            Required Experience

            • 5+ years C++ programming experience
            • Multiple shipped games
            • AAA games experience
            • Experience with Perforce or other source control systems
            • Experience on at least one current gen console 


            • Very competitive starting salary
            • Generous PTO including paid parental leave
            • Health, dental, and vision insurance for you and your family
            • Growth opportunities for your career
            • Relocation assistance 

            About Deck Nine

            Deck Nine Games is an independent game developer dedicated to crafting interactive story games that inspire, transform, and entertain players. Our passion is storytelling games. We love the relatable characters from a game like Life is Strange and the amazing action storytelling from games like Last of Us. 

            Our first game, Life is Strange: Before the Storm is loved by fans and has won multiple awards, including Game of Year and was nominated for both a VGA and a BAFTA. The studio is 90+ people and is in sunny Westminster, Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains. The studio is working on an unannounced story adventure game and is growing additional teams for more projects. 

            We’re looking for talented and self-motivated people to join us as we aim to rise to the top of the storytelling game studios. We are part of the thriving Colorado game dev scene and our location offers a lower cost of living and a proximity to countless family-friendly activities and amazing outdoor opportunities. If this sounds appealing to you, please apply! 

            As the crafters of games that encompass the full breadth of life’s experiences, Deck Nine is committed to building a diverse, inclusive, and multicultural team in which people from all walks of life feel inspired to do their best work. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and believe deeply in the creativity and strength built from diversity of race, religion, disability, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, nationality, and the many other qualities that make us different.